New Generation CV+CC 4LED Block Light Long Lifespan 5-Year Warranty


Innovative LED Block Light

Low-voltage safety

High luminous efficiency

Low heat emission, which extends the lifespan of LED chips , very low luminous decay after years use

The new generation of LED block light utilizes a parallel connection method at medium and low voltage, each power supply can support up to 100watt, allowing up to 25 pcs of LED block lights to be connected. The installation is convenient, solving the trouble of messy wiring in the past, and each block light has an independent constant current chip that intelligently adjusts the current and temperature to achieve consistent lighting for all light panels. It combines the advantages of low-voltage safety, high luminous efficiency, low temperature and long lifespan, easy installation, and convenient maintenance.

1 kit=1pcs 82V CV 100W power supply+25pcs block lights, each block light is cuttable.

Block light size: 7cmx7cm

Power: 4W/pcs

Lumen: 120Lm/W,  4W=480Lm

IP grade: IP65 Waterproof



Item No. Color Power Lumen Voltage IP Rated Beam Angle String Qty Interval distance Cutting interval
4LED Block Light 3000K/6500K/10000K 4W/pcs 480LM/pcs AC100~240V IP65 175° 25pcs 25cm Every single module cuttable


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